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You wanted to get away from your dull, planet-side technician job to explore the solar system, so you took night classes in computer science and bought a tiny ship to live off-world.

To pay the bills, you reluctantly provide maintenance services using your remote drone in inhospitable environments, but your hustle is weak. If you run out of money and food, your dream of independence is done: you'd probably have to move back down to the surface, to the home you've been trying to get away from.

You desperately want to apply your tech skills to something more substantial and ambitious -- and make some proper money.

Be careful what you wish for ...


Word nerds have crosswords and Wordle. What do science nerds have? This!

Come learn with me! I have put years of hobby effort into building the entire game engine from scratch, and I'm motivated to make it deliver on my promise to be richly entertaining, replayable, and highly educational for beginner and intermediate tech and science nerds. Learn and practice SQL, NLP, DSP, trigonometry, calculus, information theory, web APIs and more! Be warned: this hacker simulation is in "hardcore" mode :)

A downloadable demo for PC and Mac are forthcoming Summer '23. I'm looking for playtesters and community feedback to help me polish and refine the final product. Follow me and sign up at the landing page to stay updated!

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